W2W Proving Grounds : Suffolk, VA

W2W Proving Grounds is a “4×4 Obstacle Playground” that offers mild to wild challenges for your rig. W2WPG is a great place to test & work on your driving skills. Most all the obstacles are made from rubber tires which minimize the potential for damage, and are forgiving if you take the wrong line on an obstacle. Also, W2WPG offers great scenic trail riding. See video & longer description below.

Tickets to the W2W Proving Grounds are Name Your Own Price. Our suggested price to attend is $65, but we do realize everyone is working on a different budget. Our minimum suggested price is $40 as that is our break-even point. Even at $40, any W2W personnel are not being compensated for their time running the event. We respect you to choose a price that works for you, but please show us that same respect when choosing your price.

W2WPG Events typically run from 9am to noon unless otherwise specified. Ticket holders may arrive as early as 8:45am to ready their rigs for wheeling. Drivers’ meeting & wheeling kickoff at 9am. Often we have a Ryan’s Rowdy Ranch event in the afternoons; W2WPG & RRR are only a 5 minute drive from each other so feel free to grab tickets to both events and wheel with us all day!

Suggested price: $65.00



The Where2Wheel Proving Grounds offers technical obstacles to hone your skills as a driver as well as challenge your rig.  The obstacles offer a wide variety with stock friendly obstacles all the way up to you will need lockers & armor for this one.  In addition to the obstacle course, the Proving Grounds also offers a great system of wooded trails to ride through.  View video to see the W2W Proving Grounds.

Amenities are primitive. No children/minors. Tickets are sold per vehicle, and each vehicle may have as many passengers as the vehicle has seat belts for.

W2W Proving Grounds is a private property located in Suffolk, VA.  You will not receive the address until you purchase a ticket; we keep this information private in order to maintain the owner’s privacy.  If you need a nearby location to estimate travel time, you can use “Birdsong Peanuts” on Factory Street in Suffolk – W2WPG is a 5 minute drive time from Birdsong Peanuts.


Event Details

W2WPG Events run for 3 hours.  Ticket holders may arrive as early as 30 minutes before event start time to ready their rigs for wheeling.  Drivers’ meeting & wheeling kickoff at event start time.  Please do not be late.

All attendees are required to sign an acknowledgement of risks & rules, a waiver of liability, and a filming consent form.

Venue: W2W Proving Grounds : Suffolk, VA

Directions: Address will be included with ticket.

Phone: 757.761.0635

Email: support@where2wheel.com