Where2Wheel Off Road Parks

Located in 757 VA & Growing

We’re creating ORV Parks near populated areas for easier access to offroading.

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Where2Wheel @ Academi

Moyock, NC

Academi offers a huge variety of off road obstacles & challenges.  Trails, hills, water crossings, obstacles, and mud.  Something for everyone except for the most hardcore rigs.  Great for beginners and adventurers. View listing to see photos & videos.

ACADEMI – More Info & Tickets

Where2Wheel Proving Grounds

Suffolk, VA

W2W Proving Grounds is a “4×4 Obstacle Playground” that offers mild to wild challenges for your rig. W2WPG is a great place to test & work on your driving skills. Most all the obstacles are made from rubber tires which minimize the potential for damage, and are forgiving if you take the wrong line on an obstacle. Also, W2WPG offers great scenic trail riding. See video & longer description below.

W2WPG – More Info & Tickets

Ryan’s Rowdy Ranch

Suffolk, VA

Ryan’s Rowdy Ranch offers mud pits of all sizes, rock/rubble & boulder gardens, one super steep hill climb, wooded trails, and even a dirt track if you want to see how your 4×4 handles at speed.  Great for modified vehicles and those seeking more difficult terrain.  View listing to see photos & video.

RRR – More Info & Tickets

VA 757 Offroaders  –  Find us on FB Group “W2W Proving Grounds

“How can I get a wheeling discount?”

– Joe Offroader

Our Where2Whel Proving Grounds Club is how we can make wheeling more affordable for you.  If you plan to go wheeling on a regular basis then joining the PG Club could save you some money.  By paying a choose your own price monthly subscription for the PG Club, you gain a personalized discount code ranging from 1% off to 100% off!

Want to know more about Where2Wheel’s Proving Grounds Club?  Visit The Proving Grounds Club page

W2W Off Road Parks

Calling All Jeep & Truck Off Road Enthusiasts!

Where2Wheel was born to make it easy for Jeep & truck owners to find somewhere nearby to get off the pavement and kick it into 4WD.

After spending nearly a decade learning & sharing information about the USA off road landscape, we concluded there is a nationwide shortage of 4×4 trails.

So we’ve brought together an amazing team to tackle this problem.  We’re on a mission to supply all Jeep & truck owners across the USA with convenient off road access. 



We plan to grow & scale this operation quickly and efficiently so that all USA offroaders have easy access to offroading. No more 3+ hour drives getting to the nearest trailhead.


Beachhead Opportunity – 757

Hampton Roads (Southeast Virginia) is both densely populated and extremely isolated from off road trails.  Approximately 200K offroaders live in the 757 with no where nearby to go offroading.  3+ hours to nearest trails.  First W2W parks launch here.


The Learning Curve

We need to learn to walk before we can run.  We plan to dedicate at least a full year to focusing on local park operations before scouting the next metro area to develop off road access around.  Learning & optimizing operations could take some time, but our priority is to get to City/Metro Area #2 ASAP.


Wheeling USA

Once we complete the learning curve, then expansion becomes the name of the game.  Our goal for W2W Off Road Parks is to have 100+ locations within the first 5 years of operations.  It’s an aggressive timetable for sure, but with the right people and ample community support it is an attainable goal to work towards. 

Our Team

David & Brittany Peregoff

Wyatt Bell

Chris Shelton

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We are actively seeking conversations with both Rural Land Owners & Investors

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We’d love to hear from you! Use the form below or email support@where2wheel.com with any questions, concerns, or comments.