W2WParks Most Common Questions in a 3 minute video.

More Information About the Name Your Own Price Option
Some of our private landowner locations are under our Name Your Own Price model. Yes you can pick whatever amount you choose, but we do suggest following our recommended amount. The recommended amount makes sure to cover costs and compensate the landowner for the risk and remediation of allowing you on their property.

What happens if I miss the event?
Our policy is that we do not offer refunds. You may contact us at support@where2wheel.com or message Brittany Peregoff on Facebook to inquire about a credit.

Weather Policy
Events are rain or shine unless we cancel for extending circumstances or due to extreme/dangerous weather. The safety of our patrons is a cornerstone of our model, so if the weather presents an unsafe inclement then W2W Parks has the right to cancel. If we do end up cancelling the event then you will receive a full refund.

What happens if my vehicle breaks down?
If your vehicle has an issue or breaks down, we will do our best to get your vehicle to flat ground and accessible to a tow truck. Any towing expenses are at the ticket holder or vehicle owners expense. Where2Wheel Offroad Park is not liable for any damage or breakage, you are participating in the event at your own risk.

Is the price per person or vehicle? 
Unless specified otherwise, our pricing is per vehicle and you can bring as many passengers as your vehicle legally allows/has seatbelts for.

Access to W2W Park Locations
All W2W Park locations are only open to the pubic during a W2W Parks event and are not open to the public outside our sanctioned events.

What if I am late to an event?
We aim to start our events promptly and can not delay the event due to a single patron. At most properties, if you are late then you can no longer attend the event. Again if you are running late then please call/text David Peregoff at (757) 716-0635.

How do I become an W2W Ambassador?
Please contact Wyatt Bell at Wyatt@where2wheel.com for Ambassador inquires.

Can I bring a trailered vehicle?
Yes, to date all our locations have parking for trailers.

Are pets allowed?
Every W2W Parks location has different rules based on the landowners preference. Most of our locations do not allow pets. You can reach out to Brittany at brittany@where2wheel.com for additional guidance on this.

Are kids allowed?
Every W2W Parks location has different rules based on the landowners preference. Please read the information on the location listing on how minors handled for that property or email Brittany at brittany@where2wheel.com for guidance.

How do I become a W2W Landowner partner?
For any W2W Landowner Partner inquiries please contact Wyatt at Wyatt@where2wheel.com or David a 757.761.0635.