Can I get my money back?

We are not offering refunds. All proceeds will go to the creation of the offroad park. Even if our funding goal is not met, we will use any funds raised to bolster our viability for traditional funding routes (Bank loan or Private Investment) to complete our funding needs. If for some reason you experienced a charge that you did not authorize, then please use our contact form to get in touch with us. 

What are the funds used for?

All funds raised through the crowdfunding campaign will go to park creation, minus any fees and expenses needed to run and manage the crowdfunding campaign and it’s related activities.

Do you have land secured?

We have a few different parcels identified in Suffolk, VA and Virginia Beach, VA. We have met with both municipalities in-depth about the project and both are very excited about having this type off attraction that draws visitors year round located in their city. We have met with planning, traffic, safety, zoning, etc… commissions and gone over all requirements that will need to be met for the park to gain approval. The parcels of land that we have picked all meet zoning requirements and are located in areas where Conditional Use Permit approval odds are very high (i.e. located in heavy industrial or agricultural zones and not near lots of neighbors or neighborhoods). Once we have enough funds raised to go through the permit and site map planning process, we will submit the conditional use permit applications, even if we have not reached the total goal of $500K at that time.

How does pass/ticket activation work?

For those tickets/passes that span over a time limit (annual passes, multi-day passes, etc…) their activation will begin the first time you use them at the Where2Wheel Offroad Park. The time limit does not begin the day you purchase, but rather the first day you use/redeem them at the park. 


Do the passes follow a person or vehicle?

All passes/tickets follow the person that bought the pass, not the vehicle. You can use your pass in different vehicles as long as the person who bought the pass is present. 


What is the funding Goal?

Depending on the parcel, Where2Wheel needs between $350,000 – $500,000 to be able to fully fund an offroad park and meet all requirements from the municipalities. 


What happens if you do not meet the funding goal?

We need approximately $100,000, to get through the permitting and site map planning process and to meet all the regulations that the municipalities are going to require (VDOT entrance, parking, safe access for emergency vehicles, etc…). Once we have reached that $100K threshold, we will begin the permitting and site planning while continuing to promote the crowdfunding campaign. If crowdfunding falls short, we do have access to local investors, but they are hesitant to “take our word for it” that demand exists for an offroad park in the 757. So… any significant amount of crowdfunding raised could be used to show proof of demand for this project, and therefore alleviate investors’ hesitations.


What does the timeline for park opening look like?

Once we have reached the minimum threshold mentioned above, we have projected that the time line should look as follows: 90 Days for CUP approval(Conditional Use Permit), once approved then another 90 days for site map planning and site map approval. After site map approval, then it will take 3 to 6 months to build the park. Keep in mind that this timeline is if everything goes smoothly and no issues arise with staff or supply shortages. We think a realistic timeline is about a year from the time we submit the CUP application until we open the gates; however, as usual, the process could go faster or take longer than expected.  


Crowdfunding Disclaimer 

While we, Where2Wheel, will try our best to create a Jeep & truck park for Hampton Roads, we make no guarantees about results delivered. Launching any business is challenging, and the unique nature of this project presents even greater challenges to overcome. We believe we have the team to get it done; however,  by checking out & placing an order, you understand and agree that Where2Wheel makes no guarantees with products purchased and also has no obligation to issue any refunds should the park project not complete.