Proving Grounds Monthly Subscription

This monthly subscription provides a chance for an invitation to every Proving Grounds event that you express interest in so long as your subscription is active.  When deciding on price, please choose a monthly amount that reflects the fair price you would pay for 2 to 4 half day visits to an off road park on an annual basis.  Your choice in pricing provides us with valuable information that we will use for future park development.

You can expect 2 to 4 invitations per year; however, we cannot make any guarantees (Overwhelming demand or underwhelming support could throw a monkey wrench in our plans).  To express interest in attending PG events use our Facebook group “W2W Proving Grounds”.  Once in the FB group, you can see the events calendar, and mark as “Going” on specific events to express interest in attending.

You can keep in touch with W2W Proving Grounds event calendar, news, photos/videos, and communications by joining the Facebook group: W2W Proving Grounds.  Joining the FB group alone will not make you eligible for an invite.

Lastly, subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by emailing:

Suggested price: $15.00

Due every month