Proving Grounds Monthly Subscription

To join the Proving Grounds Club, you must Sign Up for a monthly subscription at a price of your choosing between $1 – $100 per month.  The monthly subscription amount that you choose determines the size discount that you receive.  As a Proving Grounds Club member, the dollar amount that you are subscribed at is the same number as the percentage discount that you will receive to all W2W wheeling events while your subscription is active .

For example, if you pay $25/month then you will receive a 25% discount code to use on any and all W2W wheeling events so long as your subscription is active.  If you pay a $100/month then you will receive a 100% discount so long as your subscription is active.

Once you Sign Up for the Proving Grounds Club, please allow up to 72 hours for us to create and email you your personalized discount code.  Sharing or transfer of this personalized discount code is not allowed, and violations will result in PG Club expulsion and banning from W2W events without refund.

Lastly, subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by emailing:

Minimum price: $1.00 every month