Shareable Club Pass


This Sharable Club Pass is for organized off-road clubs with 100+ members. The pass is good for 1 year after activation and can be shared amongst the club’s members. The pass covers one vehicle admission per redemption and the pass can be redeemed once per week for the term of the pass. Upon park opening, we will reach out to club admin. to discuss how they can mange pass usage, but responsibility of managing the pass & member usage falls on the club who purchased the pass.

**This comes out to only $10/visit – the best deal in town.

Pass activates on first visit to the park. No expiration or activation deadline.  Passengers Included. Club is responsible for management & usage of the pass.

While we, Where2Wheel, will try our best to create a Jeep & truck park for Hampton Roads, we make no guarantees about results delivered. Launching any business is challenging, and the unique nature of this project presents even greater challenges to overcome. We believe we have the team to get it done; however,  by checking out & placing an order, you understand and agree that Where2Wheel makes no guarantees with products purchased and also has no obligation to issue any refunds should the park project not complete.